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SAT/COEALAC taught workshop for filling the application for the IVA-IEPS Certification on VUCEM (April 21, 2014)

On April 21, 2014 took place the workshop “Certification IVA and IEPS and filling out forms through VUCEM” in order to address the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

The event was broadcast over the Internet to the entire Foreign Trade and Customs community.

The workshop included the participation of:

  • Ing. María Elena Sierra Galindo Administradora Central de Asuntos Internacionales de Comercio Exterior del SAT
  • Lic. Leticia Contreras Sánchez Administradora de Asuntos Legales de Comercio Exterior del SAT
  • Emilio Gonzalez CEO ZOE IT Customs ©
  • Lic. Octavio de la Torre de Steffano CEO TLC Asociados

To view the streaming video see here.