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The Zoé EXPEDIENTS System is a document manager in which it allows you to organize the customs file according to the documents required by type of request.

With full legal compliance, it connects via WS to the Single Window to extract all the digitized documents transmitted with its RFC or with which the Customs Agent has transmitted with the Consultation RFC.


  • Multi-users with definition of profiles and roles.
  • Languages: Spanish, English and French.
  • When connecting with VUCEM, the headers of pedimentos, digitized documents and COVES of the current month are loaded and the history of the configured range of years is completed.
  • Can be installed on own servers or Cloud
  • In case of acquiring MySCCCyG Annex 31 and Files, they are installed in the same visual interface to take advantage of the information from the Data Stage and its reports.
  • In case of acquiring the Annex 24 System, it connects naturally to automatically run the Comparative vs. Data Stage report.

Legal compliance with the types of files that must be uploaded and their validity, that is, the requirement according to the DOF can be from and up to a specific date.

Direct Connection
Referring to the electronic information of the requests, the e-documents and COVE’s are downloaded and uploaded automatically and daily from the S.A.T. database.

The company’s requests are available in PDF, from the electronic information of the S.A.T.

The electronic information of the requests and its annexes are integrated in one complete electronic document that reduces costs and human error risks. Allows the company to administrate and easily manage the company’s operations follow-up. Allows the company to organize, generate and convert its printed or digital PDF documents into an electronic document of all type.
The company’s electronic expedient of foreign trade is integrated, to match the obligation planned by the Customs Law.

Digitalize and integrate in the electronic expedient others annexes generated to the company according to particular needs and corporate policy.

Disclaimer Summary

It is shown with the percentage of progress of the WS downloads of the pediment list, Digital Documents (507 of the Data Stage) and of the COVES (501 of the Data Stage).

File type catalog

The types of files with the keys and descriptions accepted by the Single Window (VU) are preloaded and it is possible to modify the status of Active or Inactive, as the case may be, in addition to the possibility of registering any document and indicating if it is This is Required, not by the authority or by internal requirements. You can modify the status of Active or Inactive, as the case may be, for the traffic light parameter. Red (all required documents are missing) Yellow (file partially completed) and Green (file complete).

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