Specialists in Annex 24 and Customs Traffic
This module manages the balance of the VAT from the initial inventory and transaction files sent to the Mexican Authorities (SAT). The main objective is to bring tools, processes and reports necessaries to audit, compare and graph the information from the three main actors in trade operations: Annex 31, VUCEM & Zoé System.
With Data Stage, to obtain the import/export operations information. With Zoé to consult information.

To upload initial balance and export transactions already uploaded to the Annex 31.

Current VAT and IEPS credits.

The VAT balance of the SCCCyG system.

Due date of VAT/IEPS credit with reports at the level report + invoice + piece number.

Operational reports and graphics.

To comply with the debit and credit dues of the SAT and your Zoé system.

VAT and IEPS account statement Zoé VS Data Stage, Data Stage VS Zoé and SCCCyG discharge VS Zoé.

This module brings the company the necessary tools, processes and reports for the origin determination and origin certificates printing of the finished products for the NAFTA program.
Direct Connection
With Zoé this in order to obtain and use up-to-date data.

With Zoé COP “Electronic request of origin certificates to providers”.

NAFTA origin certification analysis through different methods (VCR, Minimis).

Origin certificates printing and specials reports (CAFE, AALA).

Ability to manage the Origin analysis historic.

Maintenance and administration of the origin rules database. Expert team in the origin certification area.
This module reduces time, efforts and errors in the elaboration process and closing request of virtual imports. The provider has the access to the Web module to consult the company’s receptions, validate and generate the invoices.
Time Saving
Auditory / information validation process, where the system detects differences of quantities, prices, tariff codes, etc. to allow the provider to realize the adjustments needed.

The providers can access to the web portal 24h/24 to consult and extract the information and make the relevant adjustments.

Direct Connection
The provider has a direct connection through a Web page with the Zoé system.
Follow up
The company will be able to: ask for an origin certificate from the provider via email, with the pieces needed and a guide enclosed, validate the origin certificates received, manage the current requests of each provider and the system has a progress console, where the user can check each provider’s activities to monitor progress.
The Zoé COP module, “Electronic request of origin certificates to providers”, simplifies the activities needed to the requests , the follow-up and the entry of origin certificates.
Time Saving
The provider will be able to: ask for information, generate origin certificates that must be signed, download origin certificates, and consult information from any device.

The company will have the possibility to accommodate data in our server or on-line in a local server.

Direct Connection
With Zoé to explore the most the current catalogues as piece or provider.
Follow Up
The company will be able to: ask for an origin certificate from the provider via email, with the pieces needed and a guide enclosed, validate the origin certificates received, manage the current requests of each provider.
This module is going to exploit the VUCEM and Data Stage information, using the Web Service to automatically extract the documents and include the digital expedient of all the company’s requests.
Direct Connection
Referring to the electronic information of the requests, the e-documents and COVE’s are downloaded and uploaded automatically and daily from the S.A.T. database.

The company’s requests are available in PDF, from the electronic information of the S.A.T.

The electronic information of the requests and its annexes are integrated in one complete electronic document that reduces costs and human error risks.

Allows the company to administrate and manage easily the company’s operations follow-up.

Allows the company to organize, generate and convert its printed or digital PDF documents into an electronic document of all type.

The company’s electronic expedient of foreign trade is integrated, to match the obligation planned by the Customs Law.

Digitalize and integrate in the electronic expedient other annexes generated to the company according to particular needs and corporate policy.

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