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The Zoé My SCCCyG System has the functionality of managing in parallel the VAT balance of the SCCCyG System based on the Initial Inventory files and the Download files transmitted to the SAT. There is also the functionality of making a comparison of this balance to detect any difference with the information contained in the ZOE System.

Its objective is to provide the company with the tools with processes and reports necessary to audit, compare and graph the information of the three main actors in Foreign Trade: Annex 31, VUCEM and Zoé Comercio Exterior.


  • Replica of the VAT Balance of the SCCCyG System.
  • Function of importing the initial balance files and historical discharge files that were reported to Annex 31 to keep the information in the database up to date.
  • Current VAT / IEPS Credit Consultations with the option of consultations with expirations of less than 3 months, greater than 3 months or indefinite validity, the consultations use the “Drill Down” technique so that with a click you can access a more detailed level and check how that value is composed.
  • Consultations of the Initial Inventory account statement or Global Credit account statement with the option to handle the same dates of Cut-off of Charges and Credits so that the audits of the information can be carried out under the same conditions even when the downloads of the Zoé or Zoé’s entries are more advanced than the Charges and Fees applications made by the SAT.
  • Comparison to comply 100% with the VAT balance contained in the SCCCyG System at three levels: * Request Number * Tariff Fraction * Value, in addition to controls and graphs that allow to know how many of them have already successfully passed through the Data Stage vs Zoé comparative process, showing the percentage of audited pediments.
With Data Stage, to obtain the import/export operations information. With Zoé to consult information.

To upload initial balance and export transactions already uploaded to the Annex 31.

Current VAT and IEPS credits.

The VAT balance of the SCCCyG system.

Due date of VAT/IEPS credit with reports at the level report + invoice + piece number.

Operational reports and graphics.

To comply with the debit and credit dues of the SAT and your Zoé system.

VAT and IEPS account statement Zoé VS Data Stage, Data Stage VS Zoé and SCCCyG discharge VS Zoé.

Example: Global Account Statement

Main graphs: Monitor initial balance, credits vs credits by periods.

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