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The Zoé ORIGEN-NAFTA System provides companies with the tools to carry out their processes and reports necessary for the determination of origin and printing of certificates of origin of their finished products, of the NAFTA treaty, with the option of other Treaties or Agreements in the WEB version.

It connects to the Zoe Annex 24 Foreign Trade database to use the existing information such as Raw Materials (MP), Finished Products (PT) Product Structures (BOM) and with them run the processes for the determination of origin.


  • Multi-users with definition of profiles and roles.
  • Multiplants of an RFC, when the BOMs are classified by plant.
  • Mass calculations.
  • Natural connection option with the Zoé Comercio Exterior System to take advantage of the existing information in it, by manual loading with Layouts.
  • Connectivity with ERP– Processes on design.
  • Connectivity with the COP system to take material certificates.
  • Rules of Origin Database managed and maintained by experts.
  • Analysis of Certification of Origin NAFTA and other Treaties
  • Analysis of Certification of Origin by different methods as indicated by the rule of origin, such as Skip Tariff and Minimis.
  • Printing of Certificates and Special Reports.
  • Ability to manage historical analysis of Origin ZOE Desktop version.
Direct Connection
With Zoé this in order to obtain and use up-to-date data.

With Zoé COP “Electronic request of origin certificates to providers”.

NAFTA origin certification analysis through different methods (VCR, Minimis).

Origin certificates printing and specials reports (CAFE, AALA).

Ability to manage the Origin analysis historic.

Maintenance and administration of the origin rules database. Expert team in the origin certification area.

NAFTA and other treaties and agreements

This system can be used, with one or more Treaties, as your operation requires.

It is personalized, with the treaties that are required.

Generates certificate of finished product and raw material:

Take the catalog prices or, they can be added as required:

Certificates of Origin printing.

Generate the declaration format and its details:

Example: NAFTA of the calculation for the determination of the Regional Value of Content VCR

To find out if you are eligible or not eligible by Net Cost Method (CN), de minimis calculation or apply Tariff Jump. It indicates the Sub-assemblies, the packaging material, the cost field among others. In cases where it does not have a certificate, it performs a qualification simulation in case of obtaining all the certificates.

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