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Instructions IEPS Tax Compliance Meeting / Hotel Lucerna (02/19/2014)

Instructions IEPS Tax Compliance Meeting / Hotel Lucerna (02/19/2014)

This workshop was held at the Dome Hotel Lucerna Hall last February 19, 2014 , was attended by over 450 people from different companies.

The main purpose was to report that actions are being taken in the direction of providing the support and support you and your company need to get the IEPS Tax Certification without a hitch.

Baja California is the entity that must file before applying another region and that is why we start in Tijuana.

The Compliance Instructions strategy was analyzed and presented as a calendar of activities that allow them to have a clearer vision of what to do with it and ensure a favorable outcome.

For this we rely on a technical group of lawyers in order to cater to all your questions.

As part of this event the demonstration of the new version of Zoe, module version v5.00.00 VAT Compliance Certification was IEPS, more informatio (spanish).

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