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¿Sabías que existe la opción de cargar catálogos y operaciones de importación y exportación desde tu ERP?

06 Jul

¿Sabías que existe la opción de cargar catálogos y operaciones de importación y exportación desde tu ERP?

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ZOE Interface (Zoe Master Interface)

Master interface Zoe, is a Windows application that allows you to process text files generated from an ERP system to load information automatically to Zoe.
This application is configured to run the process of searching for files to load in an interval time (in minutes) and within a specified period of time, this to avoid interfering in the daily operation of the user.
The following describes general aspects of the interface as well as their installation, configuration, and execution.

Information to upload:

  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Carriers
  • Raw material
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Finished product
  • Costs of finished product
  • BOM
  • Packing List of import
  • Packing List of export


  • File formats (in order of preference):
  • TXT tab-delimited.
  • CSV Comma-delimited.
  • Files without header information.
  • Nomenclature of files name.

  • Zoe database connection.
  • Access to the folder of source files with right to read and write.
  • Access to the folder where the files processed with right to read and write will be moved.
  • Run the program in an open session of Windows.

Included with these document layouts for information load, they specify the fields, type of data, format, description, possible values, if the field is required or optional:

  • ZoeVendorLayout.xlsx
  • ZoeCustomersLayout.xlsx
  • ZoeCarrierLayout.xlsx
  • ZoeCatalogsLAyout.xlsx (MP, MQ, PT and PT costs)
  • ZoeBOMLayout.xlsx
  • ZoeImpPackingListLayout.xlsx
  • ZoeExpPackingListLayout.xlsx

Unzip the RAR file, leave the default values.

Database Access configuration

  • Edit the zoemastint.ini file.
  • Modify Data Source Name (DSN) user and password.


Running Zoe Master Interface
To run the program, run the file “zoemastint.exe”

Configure parameters
Click “Parameters” button

Set Values

  • Input Directory (Folder where to find files for processing)
  • Output Directory (Folder to move the successfully processed file)
  • Repeat in minutes (Iintervals time of execution of the process)
  • Process from to (range of timetable for the execution of the process)

Click “Save” button.


Running for the first time
To run for the first time, press the “Process Now” button or wait for the time interval is met.

If any validation or data loading error occurs will be displayed a message in the main window and a file with extension .log is created in the folder of input (input directory).