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Complex Problem Solutions

We also know what it always means to be behind our customers so they can focus
on their more profitable activities and worry less about their systems.


The main goal inside the implementation process, is to create the ideal environment for the day to day operations of the Customs and traffic department, in such a way that the users can initiate trade operations.

The following activities are performed in the implementation process:
System installation
Data base migration
Preliminary exercises
Procedure manuals
Certification test
Bi-monthly audits

More than a Software

During the implementation process:

Users will be trained and assessed to measure that they have the necessary knowledge to operate and manage Zoé (we certify users).

Once Zoé is implemented and users are certified:

Our personnel will assist in-site to conduct live import and export operations to verify that the applicable features were accurate settled.

Once the parallel test stage is concluded:

Our personnel will assist the Company’s personnel to process two monthly backflush reports for Annex 31 purposes.

Before implementing Zoé:

A walkthrough of the Company’s customs operation is performed in order to identify business scenarios, interphases required, and costume made features required to be developed.

Back-Taxes Accounting

This service is for business who for some reason have not been able to make their Tax payment report, and our job is to update the current information adding past periods, so the information is up to date.

We help you determine what solutions are better suited to your specific needs.

By Customs Law

We offer the timely delivery of the requirements demanded by Customs legislation (Art.108, 109 y 112) , Decreto de Maquiladoras (Art. 15), and Decreto Pitex (Art. 21), in regards of report presentation and stock control in an automated system as well as TAX related issues about ICANN, TLCAN, TLCUE, AELC, etc.

We are providers of an automated stocking system as required by the Customs Law in its article 59 and the Regla de Carácter General en Materia de Comercio Exterior 3.3.3.


At Integra Desarrollo de Sistemas, we specialize in providing trading and customs solutions for the day to day operations of maquiladora or PITEX enterprises which cannot for various reasons, handle their trading and import/export operations in-house.

The benefits of our outsourcing service:

Security: when fulfilling your fiscal obligations relating import/export in a timely manner.
Experience: when managing your foreign trade operations.
Technology: electronic communication between your broker, your company and your US broker.
Savings: in payroll, equipment, control programs, maintenance fee, training, fines, and updates on off-time tax payments.

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