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T-MEC / USMCA Version
The ZOE ORIGEN MULTI-TREATY WEB is now ready, and we have developed a work plan to update its ZOE ORIGEN NAFTA system, with the new requirements established by the T-MEC, which comes into force on July 1, 2020.
These new provisions require an important change in the processes for the generation of certificates or declarations of its Finished Products.

Main goal

Centralization: having in a system the functionality to qualify your products by the different methods allowed according to the T-MEC rule of origin.

Validation and Organization: validate and organize the NAFTA and T-MEC Certificates of Origin.

Information sharing: by validating and organizing the NAFTA and T-MEC Certificates of Origin, this information can be shared with the ZOE COP and ZOE IT CUSTOMS Annex 24 and SECIIT systems.

Designed to make adjustments: ZOE WEB Origin is designed to make adjustments in the system according to the dynamic nature of this treaty, with respect to the modifications that are already published for the following years of the T-MEC in terms of increasing compliance percentages .

Multi-Treaties and Agreements

The System has the capacity to handle other Treaties or Agreements in addition to T-MEC and NAFTA, which may be considered in the implementation plan, such as TLCUEM, CHILE, ACE-55/MERCOSUR, PERU, ACE-33 and 10 other treaties.

T-MEC Rules of Origin Catalog

The System has a catalog of T-MEC rules of origin that is updated with the rules of each new client, it is very important to identify the rules with which the company will work to determine if we have them or there is a need to integrate them into the T-MEC dictionary. The NAFTA rules are still in place.

Mass Calculations

It has options for massive origin calculations where origin analyzes can be carried out at the same time and quickly by a list of part numbers, for all the parts that we send to a client or a specific part.

Origin Qualification Analysis

For each analysis of origin, a sheet is generated where, as a summary and in detail, the calculations made to determine whether or not it is original based on the rule of origin are considered, all the options shown by the rule such as the Tariff Jump are considered. , Regional Content Value (VCR), Transaction Value, Net Cost, Minimum, among other methods established by the treaty.

Certificate Printing

The T-MEC certificates of origin are printed automatically based on the results of the origin analysis. You will be able to choose a template preloaded in the system that has all the minimum required fields or also an expanded format where some important auditable fields were added to comply with the requirements as established in ANNEX 5-A
If your company already has a custom design, we can develop it and consider it in your implementation plan.
Other benefits
Among the benefits of the origin system, it is also also to maintain the historical information of the certificates of origin with its final calculation for future consultations.
You can reprint the certificates from previous periods.
It has a LOG, to manage the tasks of the clients' requests, who attends them, what priority it has, and under what parameters of urgency they are requesting it.
Information on suppliers, raw materials and certificates of origin is shared with ZOE COP and ZOE Annex 24.
Configurable user profiles, in such a way that in each of the processes the privileges to view, edit and insert are according to their role.

Implementation plan

Installation: installation of the Origin Web system T-MEC version and configuration of the system parameters.

Validation: validation of the T-MEC Rules of Origin used by the company.

Interpretation, configuration and loading: in the ORIGIN rules catalog according to the list provided by your company with the rules that will be used for T-MEC.

Information loading: information loading required such as Raw Material, Product and Product Structure among others.

Training: training in the use of the system for T-MEC.

Certification analysis exercises: certification analysis exercises for each of the rules of origin and manual delivery.

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