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This module minimizes time, effort, and rework in the process of preparing and closing virtual import requests.

The provider has access to a WEB module to consult the receipts of merchandise with virtual import request that the company has, validate, and generate invoices.


  • Web portal for your company and for each of the suppliers. Unlimited users.
  • Audit process: Validation of direct information where the system detects differences in quantities, prices, fractions, country of Origin so that the supplier correctly completes and generates the invoice information.
  • The Zoe Virtual portal for your company, will provide you with information on the receipt of the goods that have been made from the supplier since it has an interface of the movements registered in the ERP.
  • It has a progress console where each of the suppliers’ activities can be identified.
  • Connection with Zoe Annex 24 to automatically register the previously validated invoice corresponding to the virtual request assigned in ZOE Annex 24.
Time Saving
Auditory / information validation process, where the system detects differences of quantities, prices, tariff codes, etc. to allow the provider to realize the adjustments needed.

The providers can access to the web portal 24h/24 to consult and extract the information and make the relevant adjustments.

Direct Connection
The provider has a direct connection through a Web page with the Zoé system.
Follow up
The company will be able to: ask for an origin certificate from the provider via email, with the pieces needed and a guide enclosed, validate the origin certificates received, manage the current requests of each provider and the system has a progress console, where the user can check each provider’s activities to monitor progress.

Invoice example

That the system generates automatically, once validated, is loaded into the Annex 24 system, is linked to the request list for the discharge process.

Important process validations

When generating the invoice through the Movements interface with the ERP.

  • The material document and Item cannot be null or empty.
  • The part number must exist in the raw material catalog.
  • The country must exist in the country catalog, it cannot be null or empty.
  • The unit of measure must exist in the catalog of units of measure.
  • An invoice number cannot be repeated.
  • The movement must not be related to another invoice (the unique key is the document material together with the Item).
  • The part number must exist in the period.
  • The remittance number is loaded into the virtual entry movements.
  • The fraction must exist in the fraction catalog.
  • The unit price is validated against the unit price registered in the virtual entry movements.
  • If multiple origin is active, the supplier part must exist in the multi origin catalog.

Monitor that indicates the monitoring of the process in its phases of consultation, validation and loading of invoice information in ZOE Annex 24.

Automatic validation of invoice items:

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